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We are professional painters and decorators in Crawley and we have been providing our high quality painting and decorating services to residential and commercial customers for over 30 years in Sussex, Surrey and Kent.

We use the finest materials and the best decorating techniques to get themost out of every room or space and we’ve helped lots of customers completely revitalise their homes and offices with a fresh new look and feel.

  • Tidy, reliable and friendly service
  • 2 year guarantee on all work
  • 30+ years of experience decorating
  • Free personal on-site quotes
  • Handyman jobs
  • Small Carpentry works undertaken

Our office is based in Crawley, and our team of professional painters and decorators and craftsmen the whole of the South East. Our service is such that you can rely on us time and time again, as shown by our many client recommendations.

Interior & Exterior Painting

Over the years, we have become specialists in interior and exterior painting and decorating services. Our vast experience and expertise of over 30 years in the industry enables us to provide you with a painting and decorating service which delivers exactly what you require and that you can be proud of for many years to come.

We take great pride in the quality of painting and decorating work we do. Many of our clients come back to us time and time again and they appreciate the level of customer service we provide, with quality workmanship that you just don’t get anywhere else, providing excellent value for money.

Residential & Commercial Decorating

We work throughout the Sussex, Surrey and Kent providing homeowners and commercial businesses with the finest in painting and decorating services and we offer free quotations at a time that’s convenient for you.

From specialist painting techniques for a private home to simple painting procedures for flats/apartments, homes and offices, we provide the complete painting and decorating service at competitive prices.

We also provide handyman services for odd jobs and we have our very own bespoke carpentry service where we can custom design and build cupboards, shelving and more.

Painting and decorating in Crawley and surrounding areas – 01293 324 216

Residential Painting & Decorating

JGC Decorators have been delivering beautiful residential decorating for decades. Our reputation has been achieved through our thorough attention to detail in every stage of work and the meticulous quality control we have on every project. In fact, no job is complete until its checked and approved by one of our decorating supervisors.

Interior Painting & Decorating

Interior residential decorating is the most diverse, and the place many people have the greatest fun, but no matter the choices in colour or the shape of the room, our Crawley painters and decorators know that interior decorating requires accuracy and thorough preparation.

Our interior work begins with ensuring all furniture is fully covered, all surfaces are properly prepared and wood repairs or filling around windows and skirting are thoroughly complete. Only then will we bring out the brushes, paint or perhaps wallpaper. All painting is done thoroughly with undercoating and a smooth finish.

Exterior Painting

Moisture, sunlight and temperature changes are the worst enemies of external wood, metal and masonry. For this reason, our external painters and decorators are always careful to paint not just for short-term aesthetics but for long-lasting wear.

Our external work begins with the removal of decayed areas, such as rotten wood from window frames, loose render or weak brick mortar. Next is the preparation of surfaces for all weather variables, and the application of appropriate weather-proofing solutions. This is followed by 2-3 coats of paint, varnish or another finishing product.

For residential painting and decorating please call 01293 324 216

Commercial Painting & Decorating

With the South East being the thriving commercial centre that it is, no decorating would be complete with only residential work. Our commercial property work is all encompassing, covering painting, decorating, repairs and maintenance of both interiors and exteriors, of buildings up to 8 stories tall.

For all our commercial property work, correct Health and Safety measures are put into place. Exterior decorating includes all necessary scaffolding, the removal of decay and rot, the handling of cracks and weather proofing before actual painting takes place.

Our commercial work can be done on jobs both large and small, and is done in coordination with a time-frame and schedule that works for the job at hand, all with the purpose of delivering an excellent finished job, on time and in budget.

Schools Painting & Decorating

For over 30 years we have been decorating Sussex, Surrey and Kent schools and colleges. With excellent coordination between us and the school timetables, we plan an exact schedule so that all decorating and upgrades are completed over the school holidays, before the new term begins.

We can provide all school maintenance and upgrade needs, including:

  • Painting and decorating – internal & external
  • General maintenance & repairs
  • Windows & doors repair or replacement
  • Security for windows and doors
  • External gate repairs or replacement
  • Brick restoration and repairs

For commercial painting and decorating please call 01293 324 216

Тамара Васильевна решила настроить спутниковые телеканалы самостоятельно.

Николай Семёнович не послушал свою жену и решил установить спутниковые антенны самостоятельно.

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Более детальная информация о сантехнических работах в Киеве по телефонам:

Сантехник Телефон сантехника в Киеве Режим работы Статус
Виктор (067) 536-82-16, (050) 813-44-54 с 9.00 до 18.00 Мастер
e-mail: Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.

Наш электронный адрес (e-mail): Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.

Виды сантехнических работ, которые оказывают наши сантехники в Киеве:

  • Монтаж ванн, душевых кабин, унитазов любого типа
  • Профилактика и чистка водопроводных фильтров всех современных видов
  • Ликвидация протечек и замена труб – от срочного устранения протечек до замены участков труб
  • Установка новой сантехники в частном доме или в квартире заказчика
  • Установка сантехнического оборудования – ванн, умывальников, моек
  • Монтаж кранов, труб, смесителей всех видов
  • Чистка канализации от засоров любого происхождения
  • Замена стояков водоснабжения и отопления в квартире или частном доме
  • Установка счётчиков горячей и холодной воды в квартире или в частном доме
  • Монтаж и подключение бытовой техники к водопроводу – стиральных и посудомоечных машин, бойлеров
  • Чистка труб от засоров

Сантехнические работы - стоимость услуг:

Наименование работ





1 Устройство выводов для сантехприборов точ 300
2 Устройство выводов под радиатор отопления точ



Прокладка пластиковой трубы O 20 (магистраль)




Прокладка ПХВ трубы O 50-100 (канализационная магистраль)




Прокладка стальной трубы




Устройство канализационного стояка из ПВХ


от 75


Устройство водонапорного стояка метал.




Замена канализационного стояка




Замена водонапорного стояка




Установка счётчика воды




Установка регулятора давления воды в системе




Установка фильтра грубой очистки




Установка фильтра тонкой очистки




Установка радиаторов отопления




Установка ванны акрил




Монтаж инсталяции



17 Установка унитаза




Монтаж и подключение душевой кабины




Установка умывальника


от 170


Монтаж сместителя




Монтаж полотенцесушителя




Установка полотенцесушителя на готовую подводку




Монтаж емкостного водонагревателя шт 250
24 Замена сифона шт. 100


Для получения более точной информации о стоимости сантехнических работ звоните нам или вызывайте нашего мастера на объект для проведение расчетов и составления подробной сметы.

(067) 536-82-16, (050) 813-44-54

Услуги сантехника оказываются в Киеве (Позняки, Осокорки, Дарница, Голосеево, Печерск, Подол, Оболонь, Лесной массив, Троещина и другие районы), Киевской области (Борисполь, Бровары, Вишнёвое, Ирпень, Буча, Гора, дачных кооперативах).

Со спутника "Амос-7" начал вещание первый национально-патриотический телеканал.

Телеканал перемещается на новую частоту спутника АМОС-7.

С 1 марта  2017 года просмотр украинских каналов стал возможным только по новым спутниковым параметрам.

Цены на установку и ремонт спутникового тв в Украине.

Как смотреть каналы для взрослых на спутниковом тв?

Телеканал "НТВ Мир" начал вещание на спутнике Eutelsat Hotbird 13.00

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